What You Need to Know Before Buying an On-Ground Family Size Swimming Pool
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What You Need to Know Before Buying an On-Ground Family Size Swimming Pool

The difference between the round and the rectangle on-ground swimming pool

Buying an On-Ground Swimming Pool, usually called an Above-Ground Swimming Pool by many folks, can be confusing with many companies claiming to offer the best on-ground swimming pool. The on-ground swimming pools this factoid will address are the family size swimming pools, and not the inexpensive  "kiddie pools" found in stores, usually good for a season or two of water fun in the backyard. On-ground family size swimming pools can be expensive, and run well into the thousands of dollars. 

Why On-Ground instead on In-Ground?      

Many times, the cost difference between the on-ground and the in-ground pool directs consumers to the on-ground swimming pool. Generally speaking on-ground pools are less expensive, that is, unless its an extraordinary custom build-out on an unusual site. As a rule, today an in-ground swimming pool can easily exceed fifty thousand dollars by the time you're finished with all the necessary extras such as the walk-a-round patio area surrounding the pool and the fencing. Some in-ground pools can greatly exceed this figure with a tough site to work with and some of the special shapes now being offered by most pool builders. Some yards, particularly in the northern parts of our country, are not very suitable for in-ground pools. Problems such as ledge, granite, high water tables, and other factors can prevent an in-ground from being built, leaving the on-ground pool as the only solution to putting a pool in the yard. Hence, the demand for quality high end On-Ground Swimming Pools.

Round or Rectangle?

On-ground swimming pools Come in two basic shapes, round and rectangle, of course they're are variations to both those shapes, but still basically round or rectangle. The other category to be seriously considered is whether you want a permanent of temporary swimming pool.   Should I purchase a temporary or permanent pool? Price, as in all things, may not indicate top quality and whether or not its a temporary or permanent pool. In examining all round and oval pools, regardless of price, the one thing they all have in common is the rolled metal wall.  These are swimming pool walls that arrive rolled in a ball and are un-rolled, when built, and fed into a track that sits on the ground. Some are of aluminum while others are made of steel, but all share the same approximate thickness in order to be rolled and fitted into the small track that sits on the ground. Yet, the price difference can range from as low as less than five thousand dollars to as high as twenty thousand dollars, and in some instances even higher prices. The manufacturers and dealers justify the difference in prices on the size of the pool and the decking that can sometimes surround the entire round or oval pool. Of course the vinyl liner and the filtration system have to be included in the over-all cost of the swimming pool. The best value in these types of swimming pools are the least expensive round or oval swimming pools, without decking, usually found in retail stores. It appears that there isn't any structural difference in all round and oval swimming pools that cause the price differential, but instead, the decking that surrounds the pool. Decking that can sometimes be manufactured of aircraft aluminum and made to look very attractive. If its a permanent on-ground swimming pool you're looking to purchase and not an expensive deck, then you may want to look elsewhere. The small track in which the rolled wall fits into cannot be considered a permanent foundation for a swimming pool; therefore the round and oval pools can only be considered as temporary pools, regardless of price. To prove this out, there are many documented cases in which these types of pools have blown-out in backyards, and sometimes causing injury. The conclusion is everything that is built is only as sound as its foundation, and the small track is a far reach to be considered a permanent building block.

The Rectangle On-Ground Swimming Pool

The rectangle on-ground swimming pool is the shape of choice among most families shopping for a backyard family size swimming pool. The rectangle pool is generally more expensive than round and oval pools with prices that can often exceed twenty thousand dollars. In the case of the rectangle pool the price appears justified in manufacturing and construction of the more expensive rectangle on-ground swimming pools. The shape of the rectangle pool, unlike the round pool, forces the water into an unnatural shape. The rectangle must be built strong in order to be able to support the pressures of the water. This is the major difference in structural integrity between a round and rectangle shaped on-ground swimming pool. The round pool allows the water to flow in all directions evenly requiring little to no support from the wall. The liner inside the round pool contains the water without support from the round wall. These liners sometimes tend to slip or rip, and when this occurs, the water comes crashing through the wall easily lifting the wall up out of the track. The walls are not built to hold water - they are built to hold the liner, Consequently, the most expensive round pool with a beautiful deck can be turned into a junk pile very quickly when a liner blows out. The rectangle pool is built to contain the water, not just the liner.

The demand for high quality rectangular on-ground swimming pools has resulted in greatly improved swimming pools over the years. Beginning with plywood walls set into Steel I-Beams with wooden decks in the sixties to today's rectangular pools with aluminum decks and steel walls. Choosing the right  on-ground swimming pool, situated properly in your back yard, can amount to years of family fun while actually adding value to your home without increasing your tax burden.    

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It's amazing how people are willing to invest in such amenities as an on ground swimming pool. Your explanation provides good information to help people make the right choice and make the most of their investment.