The Correct Price to Build the Pool May Not Be the Lowest Price
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The Correct Price to Build the Pool May Not Be the Lowest Price

Price and other considerations in selecting the right swimming pool company.

Today, more so than in recent times, the price to build a swimming pool is the most important consideration - and rightfully so. The lowest price; however, is not always the best way to go, or for that matter, may not result as the lowest price at job's end. The first consideration should be the right contractor for the project. Often times, start-ups take on projects not yet up to their level of expertise, and minor issues on your pool project can amount to major, and sometimes costly, stumbling blocks to completion.


The pool contractor selected should be a totally self sufficient company with in-house capabilities to handle all aspects of your pool project. A company that relies heavily on sub contractors and out-of-house design teams does not have tight control of the pool project, and is subjected to the extent of the sub contractor's capability, or the lack, thereof, of what is needed for the project. Visit the Pool Contractor's office, or place of business, to see if it appears to be capable of your pool project demands. Look for a facility with a business section as well as garage/warehouse where construction equipment, supplies, and vehicles are visible. Beware of companies that are just sales organizations with no real in-house design and construction capability. These companies are usually easily identified by deceptive advertising.   The old adage: " If it sounds too good to be true, it usually isn't so", also applies to the swimming pool industry.


Make sure the company is financially solvent and with current insurance policies in place. A common mistake is to focus on only the "Liability" policy. Arguably, the "Workman's Compensation" insurance is the most important item because the risk of injury on the project is higher than other liability risks. If a workman falls accidentally in the "hole" and is severely injured - the property owner is "on the hook" because it is the responsibility of the property owner that all necessary insurance is in place -for the property owner is the ultimate responsible party. 


Many companies in the construction industry today, including swimming pool companies are struggling to exist. Bankruptcies occur all too often with property owners amounting to some of the largest creditors as a result of deposits given and  work never started, or never completed. All too often the lowest bidder is borderline bankrupt and on the verge of collapse. Check banking and credit references to make sure the company is not in any kind of financial trouble.

When you've found a company that meets all the above conditions, then let the negotiations begin, and turn your backyard into the Oasis you envision. The right pool contractor with all the necessary qualifications and with the "right price" can make your dream come true.

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Comments (1)

Really good information. I actually had a pool company offer me a bid without even coming out to the property. It's best to be cautious.