Reasons to Consider Purchasing an On-Ground Swimming Pool Instead of an In-Gound Swimming Pool
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Reasons to Consider Purchasing an On-Ground Swimming Pool Instead of an In-Gound Swimming Pool

The On-Ground Swimming Pool instead of an In-Ground Swimming Pool.

When dreaming of having your own family size swimming pool in your backyard many folks dream of that C-ment pond ol' Jed of the Beverly Hillbillies had in his backyard. The beautiful swimming pool that seemingly grows out of the living areas of the home blending the indoors with the outdoors. The idyllic scene of being able to walk out of your home right onto the deck surrounding the pool. The downside of this dream pool, of course, is the  cost of building a custom in-ground swimming pool. Some could argue that a gunite swimming pool would not be all that expensive. True, a Gunite pool would cost substantially less than a poured concrete/steel re-enforced swimming pool. And depending on what part of the country you live in, this could be the swimming pool of your dreams. Fact is, even with a gunite swimming pool, by the time you're finished with all the necessary extras such as surrounding decks, and all that goes with that, you still should figure on spending at least fifty thousand dollars. The C-ment pond, as depicted in Hollywood movies, could exceed the price of the average home found in suburbia today.

Money is one consideration when considering the purchase of an in-ground swimming pool as opposed to an on-ground swimming pool. Another important consideration is the site for the pool. Temperate climate and sandy soil is perfect for an in-ground swimming pool. Some parts of the United States, however, can be difficult, and could prove disastrous for building an in-ground pool. This is where common sense must prevail. If you live in an area of the country that has severe winters, then take into consideration how the homes are built differently in the warmer climates than in the colder parts of the country. In the northern parts of the country homes are built to withstand the rigors of winter. The swimming pool in these parts of the country should also be built to withstand winter's might. If the roadways are not built of cement as they are in the temperate parts of the United States because of frost heaves and ground movement due to climate change, then maybe a C-ment pond is not the best choice.

If you live in the north and you want to make the most of summer with a back yard Swimming pool, then maybe the on-ground swimming pool is your best and most practical option. The demand for attractive high quality on-ground rectangular swimming pools, able to withstand winter's fury, has resulted in swimming pools now built of steel, and color coordinated to reflect the wooded environment of the north country.

That dream of the swimming pool seemingly flowing out of the house can be a reality with an on-ground swimming pool.  Some of today's creative installations involving the existing home deck usually coming off the living room or kitchen, and onto an on-ground swimming pool deck would make even ol' Jed smile. And at a fraction of the cost of a C-ment pond.

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