Attic Ladders Vs. Fire-escape Ladders: Selecting the Right Ladder for Your Above-ground Pool
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Attic Ladders Vs. Fire-escape Ladders: Selecting the Right Ladder for Your Above-ground Pool

Pool ladders are used to climb in an out of your swimming pool. You can have an above ground or an in ground pool ladder.

Above Ground Pool Ladders: If you have an above ground swimming pool, it might not necessarily come with steps. This is where these come in handy. There are two main types of these ladders:

If you have a deck then you can have steps that lead up to the deck.

If you don't have a deck then you might prefer one that has steps on both sides. This is also called 'A Frame above Ground Pool Ladder'.

In Ground Pool Ladders: In these pool ladders you have steps that lead into a swimming pool. Some of these ladders come with a deck attachment and some don't.

Fire escape ladders

Lot of people have smoke alarms installed in their houses but very few have a fire escape ladder. These make escaping from fire much quicker, they cost less and are relatively easy to install. Despite these benefits a lot of people overlook having one in their house. If you have bedrooms in an upper floor or if you live in a story above the ground level then having a fire escape ladder in your house can save lives. A normal ladder can often be cumbersome to use in case of an accident. Moreover children might actually find it difficult to climb down a normal ladder. A fire escape ladder is specifically designed for these emergencies. Installing them in case of accidents is relatively simple and they are built so that in case there is an accident, even children can use it without much difficulty. There are two main types of fire ladders -

Fixed Fire Escape Ladders: These are installed permanently against a wall. When not in use they can pushed to a side so that they are not in the way.

Portable Fire Escape Ladders: These are compact and can be tucked away in a cupboard in your house. In case of an accident you open and install these ones.

One of they key features of a fire escape ladder is obviously its ease of use. If it is too difficult to install then it defeats the purpose.

It is also a good idea to talk to children about what to do in case of a fire. An informed child can respond better in case of an accident than a child who does not know what to do. After you make your purchase it's also good to learn to install and use the ladder.

Attic Ladders

If you have an attic then you don't necessarily have to have stairs to access the attic. An attic ladder is specially designed to access your attic. These can be folded up when not in use. This way you can save space as well. As with all ladders, make sure you open it up properly before stepping on them. If you have small kids, don't leave an installed ladder unattended.

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